Teacher Strike: 5th July

From Strikes to Smiles: Driftstop’s Epic Solutions for Teacher Strike Days!

Hey there, parents! We understand that teacher strikes can be a challenging time, with kids unexpectedly having days off from school. But fret not! Driftstop is here to save the day and ensure your children have a blast during this temporary disruption to their routine. We’ve got some exciting ideas that will keep your kids entertained, engaged, and smiling from ear to ear during next week’s teacher strikes!

Drifting Sessions: Why not bring the excitement of racing to your children’s lives? Driftstop’s go-karting venue is the perfect destination to let their inner speed demon shine. Our thrilling tracks, equipped with safety measures, will provide endless fun as they zoom around like true champions. Get ready to witness their laughter and see their confidence soar with every lap!

Action-Packed Arcade Games: For kids who love a bit of competition and enjoy interactive challenges, Driftstop’s arcade games are a must-try! From classic favourites to something new, we’ve got an array of options that will keep their hands and minds occupied. Let them showcase their gaming skills and go head-to-head with friends, siblings, or even you, parents!

Did somebody say, Pizza? We have something tasty to add to our list of fun ideas for kids during the teacher strikes! Not only will your children have a blast with our exciting activities, but they can also dive into a variety of tasty treats, refreshing slushies and irresistible cheesy pizza.

Teacher strikes may disrupt the regular school routine, but they don’t have to dampen the spirit of fun and learning for your children. Driftstop is here to provide the perfect solution, offering an array of activities that will keep their smiles shining bright. Here’s what is in store: enjoy 2 x drifting sessions, a delicious pizza and a slushy to finish off with for £30 per person with promo code: STRIKE0507, book now [insert booking link]!

So, parents, make the most of this unexpected break by creating unforgettable memories for your children. Let Driftstop be your go-to destination for excitement, laughter, and adventure during the teacher strikes. We’re here to support you and ensure your kids have an absolute blast!

Ready to join the fun? Visit Driftstop at the Merrion Centre. Let’s turn teacher strikes into unforgettable adventures together!

Driftstop – Where Fun Takes the Front Seat! 🏎️✨

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